Why to support MilanoCittàAperta?

MilanoCittà has chosen to provide a free service, something which is and will remain as such since we believe in mutual sustainability rather than in profit. This is the reason why we ask you to support us through a direct donation to our project.

We think that the journal should be an open space, a place of exchange, of enrichment. The editorial embodies this spirit of collaboration; every member works to achieve a quarterly publication of great quality.
We believe in curiosity. To look away toward ambitious horizons shall not divert attention from small, ordinary things which are often the most important ones.
We deem that photography is about narration.
We believe in kindness, respect, honesty, and acceptance.
This is why we think that Milan should be an "open city", just to recover its best spirit.

The MilanoCittàAperta project has preserved high quality standard during these first 5 years of keen activity. We are sincerely satisfied and really proud of the results achieved so far but we want to do even more. Hence our need for an economic support. We are not looking for a premium nor a certificate of trust. We simply would like go further and, having renewed forces, wish you "have a good vision" once more and for a long time still to come. "Buona visione", Milano.

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