Milano Citta Aperta is a project open to everyone who wants to contribute to it.

The editorial line asks for 12 pictures for each story, but we suggest you send more (20-30), so that we can better understand your proposal and make a better selection. Each file is required to be max 800px of width and 533px of hight.

Your proposal will be assessed considering the consistence of the subject and form, so that each picture must:
1) discuss about a specific theme about the city of Milan;
2) be consistent with the choice of colours, tone, format and image quality (especially when different materials are used in the same project).

The pictures have to be introduced by a short text of no more than 2000 typed letters, which explains the subject and the stylistic choices.

When the photographer sends his work, he automatically declares to be the author of the project and to have all the rights to use the pictures. We decline any responsibility related to this. However, all the rights on the work the photographer sends - copyright or creative commons – are of his own property.

The photographer is also the only one to be responsible for the content and the ideas expressed in his pictures and he must deal with any releasing forms for the publication of the portrayed subjects.

To send us your work please contact submit[at]