Niccolò de Mojana

In Italy, women have only been able to vote since 1946. Our grandmothers and our mothers were born in a world that was explicitly (and proudly) goverened by men. In the decade that followed, a focused and determined movement had won, one by one, those rights that allowed Italian citizens to consider women as 'non inferior' in respect to men.

If it seems difficult to imagine today all that occured then, it's because the world has changed so much. From that era until now, women have been exploited; a ticket to be used in any needed situation and a "service" to be used in politics.
Still, women are not all the same. And to speak of them as a single unit could be seen as ignorant and, again, socially and culturally 'backward'.

In order to remember this, for their 7th issue Miciap have presented women who have fought for their freedom in order to defend their rights to wear a burkha, women who earn money making a living as a stripper, those that make their own decisions, those that become mothers, young girls that compete to become cheerleaders, women who celebrate the refined art of Burlesque and women who sing about the deeds of the old and popular gangworld.

Women, all in all, don't need to be represented in an exclusive way nor be defended by any political or other means. Instead, it's the journalists, the wannabe politicians and the demagogues that always try to categorise them and shake up a "media storm".

Happy viewing (whether you're female or male).