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Marco Cappelletti

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The Carroponte as a reappropriation against the "Lobatomizzazione" of the post-industrial urban context

The city evolves inorganically into a metropolis and the individual is less and less involved in this change. The changes concerning the city of Milan are obvious. Collective transport networks are struggling to expand, whilst big corporate chains and the residential spaces are over-dimensioned compared to existing demand. Simultaneously, social relations are reduced to a minimum. Squares and streets are losing their function, the family no longer has roots in the community and anonymity tends to rule.

There is a gradual atomization process going on.

In this context, architecture, through the process of repurposing, can play a role in keeping the history and identity of certain places alive.

Sesto San Giovanni was a reference point for European industry, now big factories have closed their activity and the working class identity is now masked by a landscape that no longer describes it. The current urban fabric seems a victim of what Rem Koolhaas defines as lobotomy, in reference to New York's skyscrapers that - when "over-dimensioned" - are no longer able to find the link between their internal function and their facade.

Places like Carroponte allow us to recapture the territory and our past, also from a visual-conceptual point of view. For this to happen the "repurpose" intervention must have the goal of re-activating the social fabric, returning it to its citizens.

This project seeks to highlight the values and the critical role of Carroponte's new identity. Whilst it used to be a part of Breda's steel factories, it has now turned into a concert arena. The synthesis reached by these images is a result of the feelings, thoughts, and ideas that the surrounding territory has struck me with.

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