Milan is not an easy place to define.

Too often we abandon it to stereotypes, too rarely do we really try to understand it.

Beyond the silent transformations it experiences, beyond the fragments of its long-lost identity, beyond its ancient stories, despite everything, this is our attempt to understand the city we live in.

Old neighbourhoods disappearing without a trace, except from the memories (and pictures) of those who knew them; brand-new, spotless buildings turning up in the lunar space of the suburbs, enclosed in the gates of an ideal world; council-flat tenants fighting for their dignity against municipal blackmailing; unexpected rural landscapes condemned to invisibility, no man’s land bordering between industry and agriculture...

What puts these images together is the will to tell new stories. Stories to bring human values back into focus, to propose a radical change of perspective towards the dominant moral, based on business and the arrogant exhibition of individual prestige.

All this (and much more) can become a bridge between us and the conquest of Milan, a city that is so unreachable, undecipherable, but still alive in us like an unforgettable feeling.

One magazine, three sections:
Neighbourhoods - Rip throughs - Beyond Milan.

They are our memories, our conscience, our perspective.
It’s our city, aperta*.